Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anna McNiven's 'Guru Neil', set for a 2015 release

What would you do if—as a friendly get-in-shape nudge—a friend signed you up for a smooth, refreshing colonic?

If you’re anything like Neil, hero of Anna McNiven’s new comedy Guru Neil, this moment of discomfort is where all the magic starts. From this unlikely beginning, Neil embarks on the path of New Age discovery to become Guru Neil, a modern-day holy man whose duties range from marketing for fast food companies to leading his blog followers on a mission to better the world’s health, spread consciousness, and conquer anything that gets in the way of enlightened living. Not an easy task for a 9-5 office drone with a hot wife and a mortgage to pay.

But after a series of awkward, sometimes humiliating wake-up calls, Neil has the veil lifted from his eyes, quits his job, and dedicates his life whole-heartedly to his blog. His wife may not have complete faith in his new found spiritual mission—especially as far as that mortgage is concerned—but his homespun wisdom and flair for the ridiculous catches on like wildfire. Suddenly, Guru Neil’s got a few “disciples” on his doorstep ready to change the world one juice cleanse, Ayahuasca ceremony, and conspiracy theory at a time. With these true believers depending on him, Neil has to step up and lead his flock to Nirvana while figuring out his own spiritual path. He may be the guru, but he’s still pretty much winging it.

Along the way, Guru Neil touches on some of today’s hot-button topics: spirituality, marriage equality, health and holistic healing, conspiracy theories, and all of the little battles everyone faces while seeking out an authentic, fulfilling life. Guru Neil is the brainchild of Anna McNiven, an Australian actress, writer and director living in Los Angeles. Anna conceived the idea in her home country in 2013, before moving to LA, where she got straight to casting, directing and producing the series. Helping her bring Guru Neil to life are brothers Antonio and Karl White of Glendale production house Oak House Pictures, who have previously worked with clients such as Snoop Dogg, BET Television, and MTV.

Michael Rosinsky plays Neil with a dedication and energy that will have you rolling in your seat. McNiven co-stars in a hilarious role as the receptionist at the Colonic Center, while Sarah Randall Hunt has a spectacular turn as Neil’s wife. The rest of the series is just as packed with memorable characters, including dreaded Acupuncturist Dr Chong (Chayce Lee), and Justin Andrews and Ryan Dietz as the friendly gay couple next-door.

The series is currently in production and slated for release by mid-2015.
Get your popcorn ready, align your chakras, and look out for Guru Neil premiering next year.

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